Exorcist Project:

The Exorcist with psychic abilities, Darren J. Noer, together with his gone friend Kyle Saint, investigates mystical cases. Over the years, he has been doing his job successfully, protecting the human world, until he meets an opponent who is much cleverer and more cunning than he is…

Exorcist is one of it’s kind horror game, combining an original multi-linear plot and a depressing atmosphere of horror. It is a cross-platform project with the VR support.


  • Oppressive atmosphere that put the fear in the player
  • A branching detective story will allow the player to feel himself in the role of a real investigator
  • Further events of the game will depend on the actions that the player takes
  • The game shows story not of a superhero, but of an ordinary person who has only a set of knowledge and skills, as well as talants in esoteric and psychic
  • The virtual reality helmet will allow you to evade the objects flying into the protagonist in real time, and also use the environment around the character

About us:

Welcome to the website of Vertex Games Studio!

We are small Russian game studio, founded in 2015 in Moscow. Our team specializes in the development of games in the horror genre, where we pay due attention to a tense atmosphere and addictive gameplay, so that the player could experience the deepest emotions he could only imagine.